MUSIC ROUNDUP: March Releases 2019

MARCH - you’ve been great to us for new Scottish releases!

Here are ten tracks hand by picked by SAMA’s team. Subscribe now to the SAMA’s spotify playlist.


Featuring SHHE, Rev Magnetic & more.

Featuring SHHE, Rev Magnetic & more.

Be Charlotte - Do Not Disturb

Coming a long way from writing songs on an acoustic guitar in her hometown of Dundee, Be Charlotte debuted her new track Do Not Disturb to usher in a new era for her music. Applying blissful melodies to an easy going pop song, it is clear that the singer has put a lot of time and effort into this well-played change of style.

Closet Organ - Smells Like Lynx Africa

Off of the brand new double A side, Glasgow’s Closet Organ deliver a visceral fuzz-punk track. With guttural vocals from Stephen McLeod Blythe, Smells Like Lynx Africa is a sonic powerhouse that will leave your ears ringing.

Ess_Gee - Bubble Queen

A delicious offering from the Highlands based musician, a pleasant pop drenched offering overshadowed by strikingly vulnerable wordplay makes for an honest but catchy debut.

Fat Cops - Hands Up! Get Down!

Reminiscent of 90s alternative rock, the vibrant boogie of Fat Cops Hands Up! Hands Down! is a playful one. Backed by a Stone Roses esque drum beat, the track dances along throughout the psychedelic instrumental.

Franky’s Evil Party - Paradise

The ever-exciting and always unique Franky’s Evil Party bring their Paradise to you, whether you like it or not. Dissonant guitar squeals and singer Josh’s commanding presence make for a thrilling dive into the unknown. The rapid tempo change at the tail end of the track ushers in a the furious climax.

Lotus Eater - Mother

As the first single taken from the Glasgow band’s forthcoming EP entitled “Social Hazard” the five-piece deliver a mightily sinister offering ablaze with slicing guitar and menacing vocal stylings, a promising sign of the release to come!

A Mote Of Dust - Slow Cap

Combining a the persistent thud of a bass drum with dreamy piano lines, A Mote Of Dust deliever Slow Clap with a subtle beauty. With added tension Craig B’s raw vocals lead the track down a darker path as it progresses. A cacophony of electronics, guitars and violins Slow Clap is a coil that is ready to explode into musical wonderment.

Rev Magnetic - Yonder (La-Haut)

The barrage of cohesive yet industrial noise Rev Magnetic are becoming ever synonymous with was truly delivered on this track, softened by an oh so delicate vocal, the layers combine for an overwhelming four minute anthem.

Scarlett Randell - HER

Ethereal vocals awash with a dreamy synth soundscape make for a truly delicate, poignant love ballad straight from the heart. A track in tune with its emotions making for a warm, butterflies in your stomach type of listen.

SHHE - Boy

Fresh from touring UK with fellow Scottish songwriter, Kathryn Joseph, SHHE released Boy, a track exploring self discovery with truly mesmerising vocal stylings and a wildly fragmented yet coherent synth backing, a sensory overload in the most simplistic form.

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