Interview: Emme Woods


Describing her music as having: “The quality of a fine wine but the satisfaction of a late night kebab” local musician Emme Woods will be delivering what’s sure to be a captivating acoustic set in Paisley record shop Feel The Groove. For first time viewers of Morgan’s live set she ensures “groovy times, hopefully some top notch banter and a dug.” Despite her quick wit and charming knack for enthralling any audience in her path, what can be guaranteed is a vocal mesmerising and raw backed by graciously understated instrumentation.

Emme Woods is amongst a thriving hub of local talent of which she says: “I think the Glasgow music scene is bangin’. The quality is so high but it’s still really great, supportive vibes. A lot of great bands are doing well and everyone is happy about it. That’s what I like to see.” Heading off to SXSW in Austin, Texas next month, looking closer to home for the rest of 2018, coming up Emme will be “working tirelessly on a new record so hopefully some sexy new tunes will be out and about in the world, for all to hear.”

Her acoustic set as part of our Paisley Takeover is one not to be missed!