MUSIC ROUNDUP: May Releases 2019

Did someone say NEW releases?

The SAMA’s team have picked out another ten exciting releases from May. From death metal, to hip hop, electronica and everything in between this playlist is designed for those who love to discover new music. Click and subscribe below to get in on the action!



Bombskare - Wanna Be Famous

The self proclaimed sorcerers of skank Bombskare are back with the groovy ‘Wanna Be Famous’, bringing the Ska back into the limelight it so rightly deserves. A track that could get anyone onto the dancefloor, the bounce of the brass section and upstrokes of the guitar prove why Bombskare are the local kings of Ska.

Erland Copper, Kris Denver, Kathryn Joseph, Hiroshi Ebina - Flattie

Not only does Erland Copper combine multiple genres together to produce stunning pieces of art, the artist has managed to assemble some of the best minds on ‘Flattie’ off the new album Sule Skerry. Allowing each artist on the track to have their moment within the track, ‘Flattie’ is a stunning soundscape. With spoken word pieces from Kathryn Joseph and Kris Denver intertwined with ambient sections makes for a gorgeous listen.

From Sorrow to Serenity - Perpetrator

The lead single from their first album in three years, Glasgow-based Djent outfit From Sorrow to Serenity have dropped the punishing ‘Perpetrator’. Complete with sludgy guitar riffs and unstoppable drumming ‘Perpetrator’ is a relentless force.

Goodnight Lousia - Hollow God

The inaugural track from dream pop outfit Goodnight Louisa (AKA Louise Anna McCraw) promises a lot for the emerging new artist. Having a spot supporting OK Button as a part of King Tut’s Summer Nights, McCraw’s cinematic vision of electro-pop is something that will set her apart from the other.

Mark Mckenzie - Slow Burn

Pinned by a throbbing bassline, the latest track from Techno artist Mark Mckenzie is sure to set dancefloors alight. Hailing from the Highlands, Mckenzie has rapidly made a name for himself on the club circuit and even earned a remix on deadmau5’s latest album. With it’s expert build to a bubbling climax ‘Slow Burn’ will no doubt be blaring through speakers throughout summer.

Meursault - Beaten

Coming a long way from the initial acoustic lo-fi sound, Edinburgh-based Meursault have reached a new level of their sound. The thick synth lines coating the track as Neil Pennycook’s distinct vocal cut through, Beaten opens up new sonic avenues for the sextet.

Rachel Sermanni - What Can I Do

Critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter Rachel Sermanni arrives back on the scene four years after her sophomore LP ‘Tied to The Moon’, dropping the powerfully eerie ‘What Can I Do’. With string sections, acoustic guitars and mandolins conjuring a subtle but strong background for Sermanni’s politically charged lyrics, the track rises and falls with an undeniable grace.


SUBZ returns with the dark and gritty LOST, The leading track taken from The upcoming LOST AND FOUND EP being released in the summer of 2019.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf - Way Back Down

Glasgow based duo The Girl Who Cried Wolf have quickly established themselves with their debut single ‘Way Back Down’ being picked up by Janice Forsyth and played on BBC Radio Scotland. The piano led track is a powerful number that propels the listener through the ups and downs, fitting quite nicely in between the radio friendly and alternative brackets.

Weekend Debt - Miss Cougar

Coming off their latest EP ‘Living Under The Influence’, ‘Miss Cougar’ is one of the highlights from the fresh faced quartet Weekend Debt. Coming off the back of their release show at Nice and Sleazy’s, the band know how to work a crowd with their fresh take on the the indie sound with an alternative angle to it. ‘Miss Cougar’ is a culmination of sharp lyrics and explosive instrumentals, a wild ride of exciting new music from a group that will no doubt be taking over the Glasgow scene within the year.

NEWS: At the end of June we will be announcing details of the 2019 Scottish Alternative Music Awards: The Ceremony, The Awards, The Process, and more. Come and celebrate 10 years of SAMA’s with us!

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