MUSIC ROUNDUP: June Releases 2019


HIYA! Team SAMA’s have been working away behind the scenes to bring you the 2019 Scottish Alternative Music Awards (Announcing this July!). We are always so inspired by the volume of releases and talent across Scotland each month. To get you in the mood for the summer we have picked out 10 releases which we can’t put down, from hip hop to metal, pop and everything in between.

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Billy Got Waves, Joell - Till I’m Dead

Edinburgh-born Hip Hop artist Billy Got Waves has been climbing through the ranks with his take on the genre. Till I’m Dead is a smooth cut of trap beats and eerie piano hooks, with fellow hip-hop artist Joell supplying guest verses the track is a short and sweet look into the new class of Scottish Rap.

Blanck Mass - House Vs. House

Benjamin John Power AKA Blanck Mass is back with his first single of 2019 which is as abrasively brilliant as always. Veering into the dance side of the genre, the climatic House Vs. House is a monumental feat of what the genre can reach. The merging of an array of samples expands the song into new territory all housed within the Thunderdome-sized kick drum that propels the track.

Carly Connor - The Goldie Hawn Stole My Guitar

Taking the grittier side of country music on with her soulful voice, this foot-stomping rouser from Carly Connor is an interesting take on the genre. With her commanding vocal performance the singer/songwriter channels the energy of Janis Joplin, while the backing track is reminiscent of Steve Earle at his peak.

Centrilia - Splitting Hairs/ Spitting Teeth

With the approaching release of their new LP ‘In The Name of Nothing’, Centrilia prove that they one of Glasgow’s powerhouses in the metal scene. Combining punishing drums, guttural screams and blinding guitar work the four-piece are able to produce a solid track. Taking cues from the likes of Misery Index and Machine Head, Centrilia are clearly ones to watch in the UK metal scene right now.  


While Cholobocop has only been making music for a little under a year, the sheer scope of the sounds she produces is worth a lifetime of experience. The unfiltered look into her gothic melodies and trap beats is a breath of fresh air. The spectral presence of the 21-year-old artist bleeds into NARCOTICS with ease, the music is the perfect backing to the sultry vocal delivery and the tale she weaves over it.  

Fiends YT - Speed in My Coffee

Delivering a kick to the teeth from the get go, Fiends YT’s new single is a scuzzy fury of punk guitars and frantic drums. Speed in My Coffee is a manic journey throughout leaving it incredibly unpredictable and exciting. You can catch the four-piece supporting Heavy Lungs in Glasgow and Edinburgh this month.

Hannah Slavin - I Am A Mess

Having secured slots at Xpo North, King Tuts Summer Nights and Dot to Dot festival this summer Hannah Slavin is slowly making her name on the pop scene. I Am A Mess is Slavin’s second single, with its tight production and slick instrumentals, could easily compete against most of the Top 40 hits today. A well crafted song to begin with, the young artist is able to display her knack for pop-sized hooks in this three minute track.

Jackill - Life or Death   

The sophomore single from Aberdonian MC Jackill is yet another example of the strong rap/hip-hop scene that is spread over Scotland. Life or Death’s strong beat supports the rappers flow as he speaks of the trials faced by the youth of today. Make sure to catch Jackill when he supports Loki at McChuills on the 29th June.

Magpie Blue - Just In Time

Magpie Blue AKA Millie Hanlon Cole debuts onto the scene with the phenomenal Just In Time. The Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter displays her unquestionable talent throughout this four minute track, allowing her powerhouse vocals to take centre stage. Produced by Rod Jones from Idlewild, Magpie Blue will no doubt be sweeping the gigging circuit soon enough.

Oskar Braves - Dance on the Fire

Previous SAMA Nominees Oskar Braves are back with another striking anthem in the form of Dance on the Fire. Bringing the swagger to a New Order-infused beat gives Dance on the Fire the prowess to glue it’s melodies to you.

NEWS: 2019 award ceremony news coming this JULY!

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