MUSIC ROUNDUP: August Releases 2019

Featuring QUICHE, Jared Celosse, Megan D & more.

Featuring QUICHE, Jared Celosse, Megan D & more.

Psychedelic, Electronic, Hip Hop & more genres feature in this months music roundup.

In alphabetical order.

corto.alto - no

Formed of some of the top musicians in Glasgow, corto.alto are a nu-jazz/visual arts collective keeping the scene fresh with their ideas. Featuring members of Tom McGuire and the Brassholes and Graham Costello’s STRATA, this collective are bursting at the seams with talent. The expansive ‘No’ allows for each of the eight musicians to truly showcase their abilities all the while keeping you fully invested in the music.

Delivery Room - Demented Thoughts

Sampling the sounds of classic 90’s hip-hop while wrapping it in raw Glasgow spirit, Delivery Room’s latest single “Demented Thoughts” is a solid example of what local hip-hop can be. Comprising of MC Sexion and Epidural, the duo are an unadulterated and lethal combo. 

Jared Celosse - Wave

The lead single from Jared Celosse’s new EP ‘Archipelago, Vol. 1’ is an encapsulating piece of colourful instrumentation tinged with darkness. Beginning in a laid back style one might hear on a Beatles LP, Celosse changes the mood instantly and allowing the darker side of the song to slip out. 

Kohla - Touch

Backed by a stunning instrumental, Edinburgh’s own Kohla’s brand new single “Touch” has caught the attention of many. Premiering the music video on The Skinny complete with dance routine, her moody electric noir stylings are completed with the encapsulating vocal performances.

Megan D - Save Me a Seat

Taking the conventions of touring musicians and turning it on it’s head, Glasgow-based singer/songwriter Megan D has been taking up residencies in a new city each month. Building up pockets of fans in these cities, the young artist has propelled her brand of bittersweet folk music across the country. ‘Save Me A Seat’ is a call to arms coated in the sweetest melodies that could stand strong against the likes of Phoebe Bridgers and Laura Marling. 

Neshiima - Caving In

A furious mix of metal, electronic moments and rap are the key ingredients for Neshiima’s sound. Rising with an unstoppable swagger behind a wall of guitars, the band are able to show that they’re capable of more than just the tropes that comes with heavy music. 

Quiche - Grey Matter

A psyched up journey through the minds of Quiche, the Glasgow based quintet’s latest single ‘Grey Matter’ brings you into their world. The joyful clatter of guitars drenched in chorus and an abundance of pop hooks is a refreshing listen. Having just enough charm to set them apart from the rest, Quiche’s brings a little lighthearted fun into the scene. 

SHHE - Saint Cyrus

Performing under the alias of SHHE, Scottish-Portuguese musician and producer Su Shaw has let her ethereal vocals and stunning soundscapes grow rapidly into a burgeoning success. Having her debut release ‘Eyes Shut’ premier on Dazed with performances at Hidden Door Festival and V&A Dundee 3D Festival under her belt, the atmospheric ‘Saint Cyrus’ will be sending waves throughout the music scene. 

ST.MARTiiNS - My Girl

The ever so dreamy St Martiins are back with their second single of the year ‘My Girl’. A short and sweet track with the ability to serenade the listener into total musical bliss. With gigs in London, Glasgow and Aberdeen ahead of them this year the creative force of this band will no doubt continue to be a roaring success. 

Tomorrow Syndicate - Captain, I am Fading

Reminiscent of post-punk sounds and the beginnings of electronic music from the 70’s, Tomorrow Syndicate put it through a modern context. “Captain, I Am Fading” is a wash of glossy synths and dreamy vocals, with a hint of anguish shining through in the pessimistic lyrics. 

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