MUSIC ROUNDUP: November Releases 2018


Team SAMA’s have picked out 10 exciting tracks from November! We’ve slowed down slightly since the awards in October, but we have some exciting news to share next week, and this wonderful, eclectic playlist for you.

Turn the speaker up, and enjoy!


In no particular order.

Crash Club - Boost

The instrumental odyssey from Kilwinning Crash Club combine retro synths with live instruments, culminating in the all-encompassing Boost. With similarities to LCD Soundsystem, Crash Club produce a cinematic song that will sweep listeners straight into another world.


Free Love - Playing as Punks

The nostalgia-seeped track from Glasgow duo Free Love delivers synthesised melodies in its purest form. With back and forth vocals from the pair, Playing as Punks is a nod to the past, filled with a glorious wash of electronics. This gorgeously produced number is the third single from their debut album Luxury Hits, which is bound to be a latecomer to the end of year lists for some.


Strike The Colours - Aces

With positive critical response coming from the likes of BBC Radio, XFM and The Hearld around Strike The Colours last LP, Seven Roads, the five-piece have delivered another outstanding track. Coming from the latest LP Flock, Aces is a track that bubbles with intensity. Reaching it’s explosive peak in the last sections of the track, the band display an amazing set of musicianship. Catch them at the Hug and Pint on the 16th December!

 OK Button - Beds

 A lament to hometowns, OK Button lay out an emotional kick of glitchy instrumentals and impassioned vocals. A song that bathes in subtlety Beds takes the listener on a nostalgia trip through homes of the past. Taking cues from early-era CHRVCHES, the trio will no doubt be making waves in 2019.

 Malcolm Middleton - Man Up, Man Down

One half of the legendary Arab Strap, Malcolm Middleton is back once again with the eclectic Man Up, Man Down from the new album Bananas. Filled with everything from acoustic guitar to sequencers, the track is packed with Middleton’s classic dour wit and signature craftsmanship.

Walt Disco - Drowning in Your Velvet Bed

Propelled by a thunder bassline art-punk quartet Walt Disco’s new single is a sound that can seduce and intrigue even the most skeptical of listeners. From the calm and drifting sax-laced interludes to the explosion of cacophonous noise, the short but sweet track is a statement of what the band can produce.

Barrie James O’Neill - Free Like A Bird

Barrie James O’Neill is no stranger to the music scene, and is back with his first single since his 2016 EP Cold Coffee. A melancholic number, Free Like A Bird evokes a sound that could be as much 60’s psychedelic as it could be modern rock.

Callum Easter - Here Or Nowhere

Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Callum Easters’ eerie new track Here Or Nowhere is a pallet of dense electronics and unique sounds. With brushes of strings to harmonious keys, Easter produces a sound a kin to a mix of Young Fathers and New Order.

SWVN - No Front

SWVN aka Zayn Grieve has released a slew of tracks this year, with No Front hitting Soundcloud in November. The slick and simplistic track allows the Glasgow based rapper to display his smooth flow. Delivering hooks in between verses No Front is a product of the underground hip-hop scene in Scotland.

Kathryn Joseph - Weight

As beautiful as ever, Kathryn Joseph offers up the jaw-dropping Weight. Held down by the droning piano, as the song revolves around the instrument and Joseph’s voice, we are taken to the darkest depth of what the singer can do with her outstanding talent.

We will be back very soon with ten December releases, AND some exciting 2019 news!


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