ST MARTiiNS, The Van T's, Vistas and Declan Welsh

Dundee duo release their debut EP plus more from Scotland's best young talent

FOLLOWING in the footsteps of last week’s jubilant heat, an abundance of home-grown releases have made their way onto new music playlists. So with festival hysteria in full swing, it’s only right we celebrate.

Dundee two-piece ST MARTiiNS have released their debut four track EP bad w/her. Each track offers up a blinding technicolour soundscape amid cascades of tangible drum beats and silky guitar riffs, masking the vulnerability behind vocalist Katie’s ethereal vocal stylings. A collection of concisely exquisite pop tracks, teaming a sense of disillusionment with care-free instrumentals to encompass the thought process behind a truly unfiltered mind, explored fully on stripped back finale 9teen, that renders the collective defenceless to expose the diversity of their sound.

'Mirrors' is the electrifying new single from Declan Welsh and the Decadent West, released as a double AA alongside 'No Pasaran'.

Whilst a subdued facet to the otherwise raucous collective is exposed, their self-assured sensibilities remain to form this unrelenting five-minute affair.

Still maintained is the captivating wordplay which feels particularly astute and gripping when backed by perpetually dominating rhythms and luring vocal tones.



Edinburgh four-piece Vistas have released the video for latest track 'Strong Swimmer'. A sun-drenched composition driven by exhilarating percussion beats and a vocal delivered with unwavering soul. The only accompaniment needed with this dose of vitamin D being delirious crowd chants of those sentimental chorus lines.

Paving their return with blood stained reverb and a primal ferocity is four-piece The Van T’s with new single 'Fresh Meat'.

Dynamic riffs and savagely melodic vocals should be warning enough that this Glasgow band have returned with unwavering force in this, the clear evolution of their already panoramic sound.

A week of new music that perfectly epitomises the eclectic nature of the music scene right now, an ideal start to a summer of festivals!

SAMAs Admin