LUCIA releases video for 'Saturday Is Dead'

The Glasgow girl is storming ahead in 2017

FROM the depths of a sweaty basement scene shines LUCIA. Amid disco balls and neon lighting rises this metal clad, self-assured cover girl of the modern age.

Ten months is all it’s taken for her debut EP to be released to the world, four anthems that simply define the life and times of a young musician in Glasgow. A dreamy exterior can’t deny Lucia’s dynamic stage persona, using a raw, cutting vocal to back a fusion of cathartic '60’s doo-wop riffs and contemporary garage beats.

The video channels a rose-tinted dreamscape accented with a fuzzy disco aesthetic alongside choreographed dancing and Saturday Night Fever-esque throwbacks to offer a stark contrast of the quintessential night out.

As taken from the Best Boy EP to display a representation of youth, both hopeless and anarchic, staying true to its Glaswegian roots. It was released towards the end of last year, assisted in part with words and production from ROXY AGOGO who also featured on this track, as released through Dead Beet Records.

These visuals may draw this introductory era to a close, marking the end of Lucia’s debut but it’s only just the beginning for this enigmatic musician.