LUCIA releases video for 'Saturday Is Dead'

The Glasgow girl is storming ahead in 2017

FROM the depths of a sweaty basement scene shines LUCIA. Amid disco balls and neon lighting rises this metal clad, self-assured cover girl of the modern age.

Ten months is all it’s taken for her debut EP to be released to the world, four anthems that simply define the life and times of a young musician in Glasgow. A dreamy exterior can’t deny Lucia’s dynamic stage persona, using a raw, cutting vocal to back a fusion of cathartic '60’s doo-wop riffs and contemporary garage beats.

The video channels a rose-tinted dreamscape accented with a fuzzy disco aesthetic alongside choreographed dancing and Saturday Night Fever-esque throwbacks to offer a stark contrast of the quintessential night out.

As taken from the Best Boy EP to display a representation of youth, both hopeless and anarchic, staying true to its Glaswegian roots. It was released towards the end of last year, assisted in part with words and production from ROXY AGOGO who also featured on this track, as released through Dead Beet Records.

These visuals may draw this introductory era to a close, marking the end of Lucia’s debut but it’s only just the beginning for this enigmatic musician.

HOME$LICE release 'Young Creatives' EP

It's a hazy debut from the quintet

Glasgow’s HOME$LICE return with Young Creatives EP, marking a clear evolution not only in the band’s back catalogue to date, but also re-affirming them as stand-out’s in the local garage scene.

Having released the first track of their EP 'Out of Sight' back in December, accompanying it with their debut music video, the five-piece have perfected years of hazy rock experimentation to produce this four-track dazed and dreamscaped trademark sound, made apparent from the first riff.

Light as air, cathartic instrumentals throw your head in the clouds as a sugar coated escape covers you from their artfully honest way with words. A D.I.Y band on their way to becoming masters of endearingly raw garage anthems.  

The EP is officially released tonight (24th February) at Nice N Sleazy’s with support from SHREDD and The Ediots

LP Records launches as independent label

The Glasgow record store has signed up an exciting roster

HAVING opened their doors in the winter of 2015, the business venture of local resident Lorenzo Pacitti, LP records found their feet as a thriving record store and are now delving into the depths of becoming an independent record label.

Having only just celebrated their first birthday in Glasgow’s west end, they have cemented themselves into the fabric of the city's music scene, a haven for customers to fall in love at the hands of a record with the input of a workforce truly invested and adorned to the music on sale.

The first three singles released via the label were announced this week, each as different and diverse as the last.


The Great Albatross - 'An Evening'

Glaswegian veins run through this Californian heart, as the collaborative effort of creator Wesley Chung is introduced.

'An Evening', featuring vocals from Jo Mango, is the first single taken from their debut album Asleep in Kaatskills due for release in May after four years of work.

The first listen is breathtaking in its simplicity, with vocals as distinguished as they are decadently rich to harmonise, and instrumentals as warming and wholesome a classic ballad can be without being at all try-hard. A charming little five minute love affair that will soothe any hopeless romantic's soul.

Codist - 'Vitamin D'

The grungey four-piece have offered up the first single from their Porcelain Boy EP to be released in March.

Despite having a trademark sound, comparable to that of an angsty '90s all-American teen movie soundtrack, the band cements their charming hopelessness and pairs that with unwavering lyrical talent.

'Vitamin D' is the audio recording of a mind overtaken by despair, displayed with sweet melancholy and backed by vulnerable vocals and progressively unrelenting, harsh instrumentals. Already a classic!

American Clay - 'Flow'

Taken from their Sky Hook EP due for release in March is first track 'Flow', the four-piece becoming ever synonymous with their shoe-gaze sound, have offered up a track akin to the thought process of an existentialist, both blissful and erratic.

Despite starting off completely serene the track builds alongside an anarchic, raw instrumental to make for a really challenging listen.

All three tracks mark positive introductions not only to their respective artist’s upcoming releases but also LP Records as a label, already forming a roster that can be relied upon to cater for any musical persuasion.  

Pronto Mama drop single ahead of headline Show

The glasgow outfit have released 'ARABESQUE'

As a band that continues to convey the epitome of charm amidst their now trademark orchestral sound and ingenious songwriting, 'Arabesque' marks a new era in the Pronto Mama evolution.

As the first single to be taken from their long-awaited debut album Any Joy, due for release in May, this track begins more subdued that previously heard allowing for the melancholy of Ciaran McEneny's vocal to resonate alongside a sedate use of keys.

In true Pronto Mama artistry, the joyous fluctuation between instrumentals intertwines with a poignant tug on the heartstrings to create a barrage of euphoric percussion and feeling of immense pride.  

Catch the band play one of their biggest headlines to date, tonight (3rd February) at Oran Mor.

Shredd release 'Every Time We Meet I Want To Die'

glasgow trio drop debut ep

Garage-rockers Shredd have delivered an exhilarating first release, marking their territory as carnage inducers whose delicate vocals and catchy harmonies leave you in the comfort of a hazy 90s dream.   

The EP takes an unrelenting incline with each track fiercer than the last, this being the product of a band under a fairly new guise, laying their cards out on the table with complete, unadulterated ferocity.

An undeniably primal three-track compilation which unleashes a barrage of abrasive, guitar-led instrumentals to make for a really spirited listen. 

The EP is officially released via Fuzzkill Records this Saturday (21st) at the 13th Note in Glasgow with bands Home$lice and Black Cat Revue also on the lineup!

Crank this one UP.

The Ninth Wave release 'Nothing Is Certain' Video

Best Newcomer winners drop new visuals

There’s no better way to start off the year than with a visual offering from our very own Best Newcomer 2016, The Ninth Wave.

The Ninth Wave with their coveted SAMA.

The Ninth Wave with their coveted SAMA.

The four-piece released a video for their track 'Nothing is Certain' on New Years Day, as an in-house creation directed by their bassist and synth player Ronan Park. This being the second single taken from their double A-side 'Human Touch' released last November.

They’re a band becoming increasingly identifiable by their gothic persona, and these visuals complement that perfectly, piercing synths and a commanding vocal creates all the colour needed to distract from their monochrome exterior.

Though disarmingly honest in their subject matter, charm can be found despite their brooding facade as the echoing familiarity of 80s rock-pop beats and dynamic riffs lure you in. 

Hopefully an indication of what the band have to offer us in 2017, if anything is certain it’s going to be a riotous one indeed.

As a welcome into the first weekend of what is going to be an exciting year for Scottish music, it's a happy 2017 from Team SAMAs!

Make sure to watch below.


Photo credit: Neelam Khan Vela